Saturday, October 3, 2009


This is a tribute to veggie college students.

I recently came back from a trip to Vancouver, where I was fortunate enough to visit a restaurant called The Foundation (I couldn't find their website if they have one, but you can read some reviews here). I almost wish I started this blog a week ago so that I could've shown you the yummy food they serve there.

My boyfriend and I ordered two different kinds of veggie burgers (the Foundation burger and the Bentonio burger). I didn't try his because I was too full from mine, but we both agreed they were awesome. The burgers were served with various tortilla chips (and awesome dip) as well as a leafy salad that had the most amazing mango dressing (I could die happy if someone could share that recipe with me). We also ordered an appetizer called "Mingled Yams". I thought this was going to be some sort of sweet potato fries dish, but it was actually a yam dip with tortilla chips (I know it sounds weird, but it was actually really good!). Now since I don't think I'm quite talented enough to replicate the burgers (not yet at least!), I decided to take my hand a the "Mingled Yams". I don't know if this is the actual recipe, but I think it tastes pretty darn similar!

okay, so here's my version of Foundation's "Mingled Yams" - for copyright issues, from now on I'll call them "Yingled Mams":


3 yams
4 teaspoons of honey (or maple syrup for all you vegans out there)
tortilla chips (the organic purple and red ones are pretty tasty)
sunflower seeds - unsalted, to sprinkle on top


1. Clean and cube the yams.
2. Boil in slightly salted water until they are soft when pierced with a fork.
3. Drain water and mash the potatoes.
4. Add honey/syrup and mix.
5. Let cool (this dish is served cold)
6. Spoon out as much yams as you'd like and garnish with sunflower seeds.
7. Serve with tortilla chips.

makes: a whole bunch of servings (this is where the college student tribute comes in - this is awesome for exam time when you don't have a whole lot of time for cooking, or a whole lot of money for eating out, plus it's DELICIOUS!!)


Check it out!

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