Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fotolog - Epicurean Adventures in the Vieux Port (Old Port, Quebec City)

Full of various vendors of wine, cider, fish, bread, flowers, cheese, meats, spices, and fudge, this is my favorite market to date... but I guess I haven't been everywhere yet...

La Fromagere. Cheese shop. This is where I learned exactly how popular cheese curds are.

Also tried the fresh cheese Louis D'Or. It's aged in a grotto, unpasteurized and extremely expensive. Also, unlike anything I have ever tasted before. Louis, you are missed.

Mmmmmm. Look at all that CHEESE!

Bakery across the way from the cheese shop. Didn't have a chance to try anything, but it all looked delicious!

This was at the far end of the market. It was a little variety store full of teas, spices, chocolates and other treasures

Some locally brewed beer, sold at the corner store in the market

Some of the beautiful flowers for sale outside

After all this browsing, I think a meal is definitely on the menu!

Mediterranean-style focaccia seasoned with tomato sauce and spices topped with mushrooms, peppers, artichokes, olives, onion, sundried tomato and, of course, feta.

Served, of course, with locally brewed beer, Blanche de Chambly.

Oh, by the way, did I mention the scenery??

Fotolog - Cabane a Pierre (Quebec)

Cabane au Sucre (or "Sugar shack" for the anglophones out there)

This was an amazing night in the outskirts of Quebec City at a traditional maple syrup house, Cabane a Pierre. Everything was very authentic from the meals served to the traditional Quebecois band... and even the fur trappers hut (eeee! pictures will not be posted).

This is definitely something to experience if you are at all interested in the history of Quebec and French Canada. However, be warned, most food is not vegetarian, but a (loose) veggie could definitely get by in the meal (pea soup, homemade bread, potatoes, beans, crepes, tire d'érable). I basically just didn't want to miss out on this amazing experience.

Please note the best pea soup of my life: