Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fotolog - Confiture at Ile D'Orleans (Island of Orleans - Quebec)

Ile D'Orleans is a magical place covered with orchards and "cidreries" (like wineries, but they make cider... not sure what the English word for that would be). I was lucky enough to visit two cidreries while I was there, followed by a trip to an amazing waterfall about an hour away.

This is the owner of the first cidrerie we went to. He was a Belgian who immigrated to Canada. He actually found his orchard in full bloom before he bought it. It was on a piece of land no one was using at the time. He and his family decided to salvage the situation and created their beautiful cidrerie. I really wish I could remember the name right now... If I figure it out, I will let you know.

They make about 6 different ciders here, not to mention about 20 or so different types of mustards, jams, and confitures. The ciders vary in sweetness depending on the ingredients and when the apples were harvested. Some of the flavours included honey cider, maple cider and ice cider.

The confiture table included different mustards (regular, orange, terragon, honey, etc), as well as confitures (onion and carraway, onion and maple, etc) and preserves (various jams and marmalades). I wanted to buy everything, but there was no way I could fit it all in my suitcase, haha!


P.S. Chute de Mont Morency (Mont Morency Waterfall)

What a great day.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fotolog - Epicurean Adventures in the Vieux Port (Old Port, Quebec City)

Full of various vendors of wine, cider, fish, bread, flowers, cheese, meats, spices, and fudge, this is my favorite market to date... but I guess I haven't been everywhere yet...

La Fromagere. Cheese shop. This is where I learned exactly how popular cheese curds are.

Also tried the fresh cheese Louis D'Or. It's aged in a grotto, unpasteurized and extremely expensive. Also, unlike anything I have ever tasted before. Louis, you are missed.

Mmmmmm. Look at all that CHEESE!

Bakery across the way from the cheese shop. Didn't have a chance to try anything, but it all looked delicious!

This was at the far end of the market. It was a little variety store full of teas, spices, chocolates and other treasures

Some locally brewed beer, sold at the corner store in the market

Some of the beautiful flowers for sale outside

After all this browsing, I think a meal is definitely on the menu!

Mediterranean-style focaccia seasoned with tomato sauce and spices topped with mushrooms, peppers, artichokes, olives, onion, sundried tomato and, of course, feta.

Served, of course, with locally brewed beer, Blanche de Chambly.

Oh, by the way, did I mention the scenery??

Fotolog - Cabane a Pierre (Quebec)

Cabane au Sucre (or "Sugar shack" for the anglophones out there)

This was an amazing night in the outskirts of Quebec City at a traditional maple syrup house, Cabane a Pierre. Everything was very authentic from the meals served to the traditional Quebecois band... and even the fur trappers hut (eeee! pictures will not be posted).

This is definitely something to experience if you are at all interested in the history of Quebec and French Canada. However, be warned, most food is not vegetarian, but a (loose) veggie could definitely get by in the meal (pea soup, homemade bread, potatoes, beans, crepes, tire d'érable). I basically just didn't want to miss out on this amazing experience.

Please note the best pea soup of my life:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fotolog - Aux Vivres (Montreal, Quebec)

While I was in Quebec, I had a chance to stop by this little Vegan restaurant down on St Laurent in Montreal. I had actually been there before about five years ago and I couldn't wait to return. Last time I was there, I ordered their (vegan) BLT wrap, which had bacon-flavoured shredded coconut inside! It was pretty amazing, so I couldn't wait to come back. This time, I opted for something different, but unfortunately, with not-so-amazing results.

This is the tempeh burger with a side of potato wedges and coleslaw. The burg gets my thumbs up, but unfortunately the wedges and coleslaw... not so much. FYI to everybody out there, clove spice should NEVER be used on potato fries. NEVER.

This, however, was pretty amazing.

It's some kind of pate made out of carrots, BUT TASTES LIKE LOX!! Pretty decent imitation. I enjoyed it, however, it would have been better if served on a baguette or cracker of some sort, instead of all on its own.

Aside from the food, I have to admit, the service was pretty terrible. I don't remember it being this way my first time there, but we were seated right next to the washrooms (when there were plenty of other tables available) and once our food was served, our waiter was nowhere to be found. It took forever to get water and even longer to get our bills. However, since I have only been there a couple times, I would give them the benefit of the doubt that this type of service isn't the ordinary.

Despite my less-thank-stellar experience this time, I think I would still go back and see what other interesting creations they've got on their menu. They seem to have a knack for fascinating flavour imitation.

Verdict: To Be Continued...


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fotolog - Breaded Veggie Chicken with Steamed Buns under a Mushroom Gravy (and a side of Garden Salad)

I know it's not the prettiest picture, and I was debating about posting it... but it sure was tasty!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fotolog - Curried Tofu on Jasmine Rice

My most recent tofu trial (and success). Tofu curry made with (light) coconut milk, served with onions and carrots on a bed of sweetened Jasmine rice.

I'm still looking for a sweet curry recipe. I feel like this maybe depends on the type of powder used. Can any curry experts out there help me out?